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Axes de recherche

Research axis

Research is oriented along three axes:

Characterization aims at determinning the geotechnical properties that are essential to the development of criteria for selection of materials in order to optimize their use, all while taking into account their variability. In addition, this research aspect also aims to develop constitutive laws adapted to embankment dams materials to be used in numerical models. This characterization will be achieved by laboratory test, in situ tests and by analyzing existing dams materials properties.

Monitoring establishes the condition of embankment dams and also assures the conformity with targeted performance criteria. It thus meets the imperative of safe structure operation. Monitoring is also aims at validating constitutive laws by comparing the in situ measurements with the numerical model predictions. If necessary, this axis will also lead to the development of instruments suited for monitoring of dams in North American climates.

  • Dam behaviour MODELLING and prediction
  • With modelling, numerical tools and models can be developed to analyze embankment dams by integrating the constitutive equations unique to Québec materials. These tools and numerical models will serve to carry out the predictions required when optimizing the life cycle of the dams.