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Geostatistics (PCI-2.1)

Studies done during the first phase of the Chair showned the pertinance of the geostatistics approach to assess the spatial variaility of the properties of geo-materials used in constructing embankment dam and to explain particular behaviour of certain structures. It is clear that this approach, coming from mineral ressources domain, will become a powerful tool for dam behaviour analysis. Data collected by the quality control programs during construction, such as gain-size distribution analysis, water content during placement  and density of material, all spatially referenced (georeferenced), create a solid data bank for geostatistical analysis. 

The first objective of this project is to evaluate the different existing geostatistical methods and adapt the ones that are most relevent to the field of embankment dams, with their particularities such as geometry,construction method and nature of the construction materials. The second objective is to apply the selected methods to existing well-documented embankment dams for which the behaviour is well known in order to select the more pertinent methods.


-Survey and adaptation of existing geostatistical methods to the domain of embankment dams (MSc10)

-Selection of the most pertinet methods and application to well-documented dams (MSc11 and Postdoc1)