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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The last few years have withnessed a growing movement toward equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) around the world. Government authorities as well as institutions, cities and private businesses are all participating in this movement wich alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation. Canada is no exception. Rigourous measures have been put in place to reduce inequalities in various spheres targeted by the United Nations, with notable repercussions in the world of higher education and research.(taken from; White Paper on EDI in Higher Education and Research, Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE) in Quebec)


The Université Laval reject all forms of discrimination and promote the advantages of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as a source of richness, excellence and innovation in education and research as for all community members.

Equity, Diversity ans Inclusion at Université Laval (en français)