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Jean Côté

Jean Côté
Principal chairholder
Local 2912A

Professor Côté obtained his diploma in Civil Engineering from University Laval in 1995, his Master's degree on the hydric properties of road foundation materials in 1997 also at Université Laval, in collaboration with Transports Québec's Laboratoire des Chaussées; he obtained his PhD from Université Laval with a thesis on the risk of ice formation on thermal insulated pavements in 2000.

Professor Côté has first worked as a research engineer at Transports Québec's Laboratoire des Chaussées where he participated in C-Sharp LTPP research program. After obtaining his PhD, Jean Côté worked as a researcher in the Industrial Research Chair in exploitation of infrastructures subject to freezing at Université Laval where he developed tools for the analysis and design of the geotechnical structures in Northern environments. He also worked on the development of experimental procedures and analytical characterization of hydric and thermal properties of geomaterials.

Since 2009, Jean Côté is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Water Engineering at the Université Laval where he is the chairholder the Research Chair in Partnership on the Optimization of the life Cycle of Embankment dams (CRIBAR).

Erdrick Perez-Gonzalez

Erdrick Perez-Gonzalez
Assistant professor

Professor Perez-Gonzalez received his degree in civil engineering from the Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda (UNEFM) in Venezuela in 2008, his master's degree in applied computer science in 2014 from Universidad del Zulia (ZUL) also in Venezuela and his doctorate on quatifying the impact of non-standard vehicules on roadways in 2021 at Laval University. 

Erdrick Perez-Gonzalez was a professor at UNEFM in the field of geotechnics, where he developed an expertise in the study of geomaterials. In 2015, he carried out a research stay at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), where he developed a permanent deformation model to evaluate the residual life of pavement through non-destructive testing. After obtaining his doctorate, Erdrick continued his research during a postdoctorate  stay at Laval University. He than worked at the same university as a research professional on dam-related geotechnical projects, focusing on analysing the effect of heavy and oversized vehicules on the core of dam embankment. 

Since 2022, Erdrick Perez-Gonzalez has been a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Water Engineering at Laval University and a member of the Research Chair in Partnership on the Optimization of the life Cycle of Embankment dams (CRIBAR), participant actively in areas of research associated with the mechanics and dynamics of dams.


Jean-Marie Konrad

Associate professor

Professor Konrad graduated in engineering from the École Supérieure des Arts et Industries of Strasbourg (France) in 1975. He obtained his Master's degree in geotechnical engineering in 1977 from Université Laval (Québec) and his PhD on the frost of soils in 1980 from the University of Alberta (Canada).

After having worked in a private firm for two years as engineer in charge of construction control of the LG3 James Bay project, Jean-Marie Konrad worked as researcher for National Research Council Canada where he contributed to the development of in situ geotechnical tests and the study of the cyclic and dynamic behaviour of saturated granular materials while continuing to develop its knowledge on the physics of frost in soils. In 1986, he pursued his research interests in these fields at the University of Waterloo (Ontario), and then at the Université Laval beginning in June 1991.

Professor Konrad has been awarded a NSERC Industrial Research Chair on the Operation of infrastructures subject to freezing (CREIG phase I and phase II) 1998-2008. He is currently principal chairholder of new NSERC/Hydro-Québec Industrial Research Chair in Life Cycle Optimization for Embankment Dams.

Marc Smith

Marc Smith
Associate professor

Marc Smith is a civil engineer with more than 30 years of experience in dam safety and geotechnical engineering. He received his bachelor’s degree from École Polytechnique de Montréal, completed a masters degree at Université Laval and received his PhD in civil engineering also from École Polytechnique de Montréal.

After a long career at Hydro Québec realizing technical studies related to embankment dam safety. He was involved in the design and construction of many large embankment dams and also in the monitoring of those structures during impoundment and operation. He is currently working with WSP. He also realized numerous dam safety studies for structures located in the province of Québec as well as in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Marc Smith is also an associate professor at the Department of civil and water engineering at Université Laval. He has been collaborating for many years with Professor Konrad’s team realizing research work and directing masters and PhD students.

Hadi Hasanzadehshooiili

Hadi Hasanzadehshooiili
Postdoctoral researcher
418-656-2131 #403179
Local 2913

Hadi Hasanzadehshooiili has a Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from University of Guilan, Iran. Prior to joining the research group of Professor Konrad and Professor Côté in 2021, he worked as a PostDoc researcher at the Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran. His research interests include characterization and modeling of the mechanical behavior of geomaterials (static and cyclic), constitutive modeling of geomaterials, numerical modeling of geo-infrastructures specially embankment dams under seismic loads, computational geomechanics and plasticity, numerical modeling of earthquake-induced geohazards susceptibility (e.g. liquefaction) and potential countermeasures in embankment dams, application of 3D printing technology in the physical modeling of geopolymerized materials and geo-infrastructures, ground improvement, application of fractional plasticity to anisotropic CSSM for numerical modeling of geomaterials, earthquake geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics and application of artificial intelligence to the field of geotechnical engineering. 

Currently, he is doing research on the application of the fractional derivative and bounding surface plasticity framework to modify an available constitutive model, its validation and implementation to account for the undrained cyclic behavior of granular materials under the effect of the PSR.

Luc Boisvert

Luc Boisvert
Research assistant
418-656-2131 #403179
Local 2913

Luc Boisvert obtained his Bachelor degree in civil engineering from University de Sherbrooke in 1986 and an Advance studies diploma (DEA) from the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in France in 1993. The DEA was entitled Advanced Materials and Engineering Structures and Envelopes (MAISE).

After having worked for various research groups at Université Laval, Luc Boisvert joined the team of Professor Konrad at the beginning of the second phase of the CREIG. He is associate to laboratory and field work and he is also in charge of communications for the Chair. His tasks are to communicate with partners, organize training sessions and prepare documentations.

Olivier Lachance

Research engineer
418-656-2131 #408178
Local 1907

Olivier Lachance obtained his Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics  in power electronics concentration from Université Laval in 2011. During the two last years of his Bachelor studies, Olivier worked for Professor Jean Côté as a research assistant. He completed a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering also at Laval University on a topic associated to the works of the first phase of the Chair. For his Master's project he worked on laboratory measurements of the thermal and hydraulic properties of snow cover.

Since January 2014, he works with Professor Côté as a research engineer. He specialises in instrumentation and measurement of thermal and hydraulic properties of soils.